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Review Of Deserts, Farmer's Field, Ocean, Pond, And Forest.[print questions]

A person who studies oceans is a/an ______.
a) ocean scientist
b) ocean studier
c) oceanicographer
d) oceanographer

Three animals that help the farmer’s field are:
a) skunk, earthworm, mole
b) skunk, earthworm, shrew
c) skunk, earthworm, bird
d) mole, skunk, shrew

A ____ is a group of plants and animals that depend on each other to live.
a) biome
b) home
c) community
d) habitat

Two minerals found in the ocean are:
a) salt and lead
b) lead and dead animals
c) sand and salt
d) calcium and rocks

Explain the food chain of a sapsucker:
a) sapsucker eats ant; ant eats sap
b) sapsucker eats ant; ant eats bark
c) sapsucker eats trees; ant eats sap
d) sapsucker eats sap; ant eats sap

List three zones of the ocean:
a) top, middle, bottom
b) light blue, dark blue, black
c) white, light blue, dark blue
d) sunlit, twilight, midnight

What does a mushroom grow from?
a) animals
b) leaves
c) spores
d) seeds

List the 4 main oceans in the world.
a) Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic
b) Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Atlantic
c) Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Antarctic
d) Atlantic, Pacific, Mexican, Arctic

Which biome can look like a beautiful garden after rain?
a) ocean
b) desert
c) forest
d) pond

What do we use to make maple syrup?
a) sugar
b) honey
c) flour
d) sap

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