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Which statement is true
a) Venus takes less time to orbit the Sun than Mercury does
b) Mars takes less time to orbit the sun than Earth does
c) Mars takes more time to orbit the sun than Earth does
d) Venus takes more time to orbit the Sun than Mars does

Which planet is similar in size to Earth
a) Jupiter
b) Mercury
c) Neptune
d) Venus

Which list shows four planets from the solar system in order from the Sun?
a) Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter
b) Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus
c) Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter
d) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Three planets that are relatively large and gaseous are?
a) Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn
b) Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune
c) Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus
d) Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus

Which planet has large amounts of liquid water at its surface?
a) Earth
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Jupiter

The average temperature of the planets
a) increases with greater distance from the sun
b) decreases with greater distance from the sun
c) has no relationship to the distance from the sun
d) depends only on the chemical composition of the atmosphere of each planet

These two planets do NOT have moons
a) Earth and Venus
b) Venus and Mars
c) Mercury and Venus
d) Jupiter and Uranus

Saturns rings are made out of
a) dust and water ice
b) meteroids and comets
c) water ice
d) dust

This planet has the most extreme temperatures of any of the planets
a) Venus
b) Uranus
c) Neptune
d) Mercury

How much larger is Jupiter than Earth
a) 20 times larger
b) 318 times larger
c) 500 times larger
d) 100 times larger

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