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Who discovered Gravity?
a) Galileo
b) Newton
c) Braun
d) Brutus

Who is credited for the heliocentric model?
a) Copernicus and Galileo
b) Newton and Galileo
c) Copernicus and Newton
d) Mrs. Beeson

Why is it necessary to add a day to the calendar every four years?
a) the axis of Earth is tilted
b) The gravitational pull of the Sun affects Earth's revolution
c) The revolution of Earth is not exactly 365 days
d) The moon crosses the orbit of the sun every 28 days

The temperature in Mango city is hottest in January and coldest in July because Mango city is located
a) on the side of a mountain
b) on an island
c) in the Southern Hemisphere
d) In the Northern Hemisphere

Place the following words in order from smallest to largest (milkyway galaxy, solar system, sun, universe)
a) milkyway galaxy, sun, universe, solar system
b) sun, solar system, milky way galaxy, universe
c) universe, milky way galaxy, sun, solar system
d) sun, universe, solar system, milk way galaxy

The Earth's axis of rotation is tilted 23 and a half degrees. What would happen if the tilt was increased to 33 degrees?
a) an increase in the solar radiation recieved by the Earth
b) colder winters and warmer summers
c) less difference between winter and summer temperatures
d) shorter days and longer nights at the Equator

Which statement best describes galaxies?
a) They are similar in size to the solar system
b) They contain only one star but hundreds of planets
c) They may contain a few hundred stars in a space slightly larger than the solar system
d) They may contain billions of stars in a space much larger than our solar system

Which is the most direct cause of the tides on Earth
a) tilt of Earth's axis
b) wind and temperatures
c) slope of the land near the beach
d) the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth

If the moon was farther away how would Earth's tides be affected?
a) Earth's tides would not be affected
b) High Tides would be higher
c) High tides would be lower
d) Tides would happen less often

Compare a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse
a) Both eclipses occuring only during the day
b) During both eclipses a shadow is cast on an object
c) Neither eclipse is caused by the moon
d) Neither eclipse can happen at night

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