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How long does it take Earth to turn once on its axis of rotation?
a) an hour
b) a day
c) a month
d) a year

How long does it take Earth to make one revolution?
a) An hour
b) A day
c) A month
d) A year

What does Earth and all other planets orbit
a) The moon
b) The Sun
c) Nothing
d) All the gas planets

What is an equinox?
a) When the day time is really long
b) When day and night are equal
c) When the Earth is really close to the moon
d) All of the above

If two objects of equal mass are moving away from each other what happens to the gravitational force?
a) It increases
b) It decreases
c) It stays the same

If mass is increased what happens to the gravitational force?
a) It increases
b) It decreases
c) It stays the same

How long does it take the moon to revolve once around Earth?
a) About an hour
b) About a day
c) About a month
d) About a year

Why is it hotter in the summer than in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere?
a) Earth revolves around the sun more times in some seasons
b) Earth turns faster in some seasons
c) Sunlight strikes the ground at higher and lower angles
d) Earth is tilted towards the sun

Which of the following is the largest?
a) The Sun
b) The Earth
c) Jupiter
d) The moon

If the Earth rotates faster on its axis the effect would be that
a) the actual length of the day would increase
b) the number of days of the year would decrease
c) the actual length of day would decrease
d) there would be no change

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