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What is it when matter changes in size, shape, or state of matter without also changing identity?
a) physical change
b) chemical change
c) neutral change
d) acidity change

What are signs that a chemical change is occurring?
a) gas is reduced and the color remains the same
b) gas is produced and it changes shape
c) heat is produced, light is produced, color changes
d) it changes to a solid material

This reaction can be reversed because it doesn't form something new.
a) chemical reaction
b) physical reaction
c) acid reaction
d) neutral reaction

A solution that is neither acidic or basic is
a) indicator
b) alkalinity
c) acidity
d) neutral

Ice melting is an example of a
a) physical change
b) chemical change
c) acid change
d) base change

An example of a solution that is always neutral is
a) baking soda
b) water
c) fruit juice
d) soda pop

This is a substance whose color changes when it is mixed with an acid or base
a) indicator
b) acid
c) vinegar
d) lemon juice

This tells how much of an acid or base a solution is
a) acidity
b) alkalinity
c) pH
d) antibiotic

Medicine that is made from a mold
a) antibiotic
b) aspirin
c) polymer
d) penicillin

This describes the strength of a base
a) acidity
b) alkalinity
c) neutralizing
d) indicating

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