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Carter-Finley Stadium in Raleigh, NC, is home to NC State’s football team. In the off-season, concerts and other community events are held at the stadium. Carter-Finley Stadium is
a) amphitheatre
b) single-purpose
c) multipurpose
d) amusement

Lowe’s Motor Speedway was designed for motorsports, but also has concerts and car shows. Lowe’s Motor Speedway is an example of which type of facility?
a) amphitheatre
b) stadium
c) single-purpose
d) multipurpose

Liz ordered tickets on the phone the day of the concert. She was told to pick the tickets up at the concert. What consumer amenity would she need to visit to pick up her tickets?
a) automated teller machine
b) will-call ticket window
c) stadium message board
d) lost and found

A consumer amenity at a facility or venue is:
a) assistive pets
b) still and video cameras
c) designated driver programs
d) cigarettes and alcohol

Cindy twisted her ankle while exiting the stands at Lowes Motor Speedway. Which consumer amenity would be beneficial to her?
a) lost child program
b) will-call window
c) professional courtesy
d) first-aid stand

When Sara and her friend arrived at the concert, a man wearing a suit escorted them to their seats. The man is an example of a(n):
a) announcer
b) usher
c) programmer
d) newsboy

While at the game, Nick realizes he needs money. What consumer amenity should he visit?
a) automated teller machine
b) will-call ticket window
c) stadium
d) lost and found

The Durham Bulls Athletic Park, used only for baseball games, is an example of a(n):
a) center for the performing arts
b) ski resort
c) single-purpose facility
d) multi-purpose facility

Paramount’s Carowinds near Charlotte is an example of which type of facility?
a) amphitheatre
b) national park
c) museum
d) amusement and theme park

Responsibilities of a facility manager include:
a) personal selling with consumers
b) scheduling interviews for potential players
c) setting up displays to attrack customers
d) planning, designing, and maintaining a venue

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