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Fossils are only found in
a) intrusive igneous rock
b) extrusive igneous rock
c) sedimentary rock
d) metamorphic rock

A conglomerate is a rock that forms as a result of
a) intense heat and pressure
b) compaction and cementation
c) rapid cooling
d) slow cooling

Limestone is an example of
a) a clastic sedimentary rock
b) a conglomerate
c) a biochemical sedimentary rock
d) breccia

Which of the following is an example of an extrusive igneous rock?
a) rhyolite
b) granite
c) andesite
d) coal

A rock that forms when magma hardens beneath Earth's surface is called
a) intrusive metamorphic rock
b) intrusive igneous rock
c) extrusive sedimentary rock
d) extrusive igneous rock

The rock cycle includes all of the steps EXCEPT which of the following?
a) Magma or lava cools
b) Rocks at Earth's surface are broken down into smaller pieces
c) Extreme heat and pressure form metamorphic rock
d) Sediments melt deep beneath Earth\'s surface

All of the energy that drives Earth's rock cycle comes from
a) the wind
b) the movement of water over Earth\'s surface
c) the breakdown of organic matter
d) Earth's interior and the sun

Metamorphic rock forms as a result of
a) heat and pressure
b) melting of rock
c) compaction of sediments
d) the cooling of magma

Which of the following is NOT one of the three types of rocks?
a) Igneous
b) Metamorphic
c) Magma
d) Sedimentary

Which of the following is true about rocks?
a) Rocks are composed of only one mineral
b) Rocks do not contain any mineral matter
c) Coal is not considered to be a true rock
d) Most rocks are a mixture of minerals

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