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which ingredient is used as a meat tenderizer in marinades
a) vinegar
b) baking soda
c) oil
d) water

the pH of a substance is a measure of
a) boiling point
b) food value
c) ability to mix with water
d) hydronium ion concentration

when a solution of acid reacts with a solution of base, hyrdonium ions react with hydroxide ions to form
a) salt
b) stronger acid
c) weaker base
d) water

which is a basic substance
a) ammonia
b) HCl in water
c) vinegar
d) lemon juice

a disinfectant is a substance that
a) forms a base
b) mixes safely with vinegar
c) kills bacteria and viruses
d) forms an acid

which is a basic compound
a) antacid
b) drain cleaner
c) bleach
d) all of the answers are correct

a substance with a pH of 13 is
a) strongly acidic
b) neutral
c) strongly basic
d) mildly basic

soap can remove grease and oil from your skin because it acts as
a) an emulsifyer to surround oil
b) an acid to neutralize dirt
c) a solvent to dissolve dirt
d) a salt to make water harder

which is most acidic
a) pH 10
b) pH 6
c) pH 3
d) pH 1

which is the strongest electrolyte
a) weak base
b) strong acid
c) neutral solution
d) weak acid

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