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An analysis of the Russo-Japanese War and the Boer War shows that one reason nations go to war is to
a) assist oppressed people
b) spread religious beliefs
c) satisfy imperialist goals
d) honor provisions of a treaty

Which statement best describes events in Japan during the period of the Meiji Restoration?
a) Japan sought to isolate itself from world affairs
b) Rapid industrialization and economic growth occurred
c) Local lords increased their power over the emperor
d) Agriculture was taken over by the government

The result of the Opium War in China was similar to the result of Commodore Perry's expedition to Japan in that both events
a) increased Western trade and influence in Asia
b) established European colonies in China and Japan
c) promoted democratic governments in Asia
d) increased the economic isolation of China and Japan

Which event was an example of Asian reaction to European imperialism?
a) Boxer Rebellion
b) Glorious Revolution
c) Boer War
d) Congress of Berlin

What was one effect of the Russo-Japanese War?
a) Japan emerged as a major world power
b) Korea gained its independence
c) Czar Nicholas II gained power in Russia
d) Russia formed a military alliance with Japan

The Meiji Restoration in Japan was prompted in part by
a) a fear that Japan would be colonized
b) the failure of Japanese expansion
c) the Shogun's conversion to Christianity
d) a desire to stay isolated

One result of the Opium War was that China
a) adopted democratic reforms
b) gained control of Hong Kong
c) regained control of Manchuria
d) was divided into spheres of influence

Japan's increased foreign trade during the Meiji Restoration was closely related to its
a) need to maintain a traditional society
b) desire for a modern industrialized society
c) colonization by Western nations
d) encouragement of foreign investment

The Opium Wars in China and the expedition of Commodore Matthew Perry to Japan resulted in
a) the economic isolation of China and Japan
b) an increase in Chinese influence in Asia
c) the beginning of democratic governments in China and Japan
d) an increase in Western influence in Asia

What was a direct result of the Meiji Restoration in Japan?
a) Japan became a modern industrial nation
b) The Tokugawa seized control of the government
c) Russia signed a mutual trade agreement
d) Japan stayed politically isolated

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