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If a spoonful of salt is mixed in a glass of water, what is the water called?
a) Solute
b) Solvent
c) Solution
d) Element

A colloid has properties of both suspensions and
a) Solutions
b) Solvents
c) Solutes
d) Nonmetals

What is formed when particles fo two or more substances are distributed evenly among each other?
a) Compound
b) Suspension
c) Solution
d) Element

How is a compound different from a mixture?
a) Compounds have two or more components
b) Each substance in a compound loses its characteristic properties
c) Compounds are commonly found in nature
d) Solids, Liquids and Gases can form componds

When elements form mixtures, the elements...
a) Keep their original properties
b) React to form a new substance with new properties
c) combine in a specific mass ratio
d) always change their physical state

Which of the following states the law of conservation of mass?
a) Atoms are rearranged in a chemical reaction, and some join new molecules.
b) Two compounds combine to form a new compound with different properties.
c) Mass cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.
d) Energy is neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.

Why can salt dissolve in water?
a) Salt is the solvent.
b) Salt is a solution.
c) Salt is soluble.
d) Salt is an element.

Which is the product in this chemical formula? N + O2 --> NO2
a) N
b) O
c) O2
d) NO2

If the ending -ide is added to the name of an ion, what do we know about the ion?
a) The ion has a positive charge.
b) The ion has a negative charge.
c) The ion has a neutral charge.
d) The atom lost electrons.

Which of the following chemical equations is balanced?
a) 3Ca + O2 --> 3CaO2
b) 3Ca + 2O2 --> 5CaO2
c) Ca + 2O2 --> 2CaO2
d) Ca + O2 --> CaO2

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