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Obj 3.1- 3.2.[print questions]

Which processes are necessary for the formation of metamorphic rocks?
a) Cooling and weathering
b) Cooling and pressure
c) Heating and pressure
d) Weathering and pressure

Which of the following is most responsible for the formation of new crust at the edge of a tectonic plate?
a) Mountain building at a continent-continent convergent boundary.
b) Subduction of one oceanic plate under another at a convergent boundary.
c) Two tectonic plates sliding past one another at a transform boundary.
d) Magma rising up from the mantle at a divergent boundary.

Which type of tectonic plate boundary involves a collision between two tectonic plates?
a) divergent
b) transform
c) normal
d) convergent

Crustal plate movement occurs because of convection cells. Which of the Earth's layers can these convection cells be found?
a) Crust
b) Mantle
c) Outer Core
d) Inner Core

Why should an experiment be repeated?
a) To produce a variety of results.
b) To organize the data.
c) To include another variable.
d) To verify the observed results.

Which statement provides the best evidence for the theory that faults and volcanoes are results of tectonic plate interactions.
a) Faults on tectonic plates are in constant motion, but volcanoes may not erupt for many years.
b) Faults and volcanoes are often found at tectonic plate boundaries.
c) Tectonic plates that have many faults do not usually have volcanoes.
d) Faults and volcanoes existed long before there were tectonic plates.

Which of the following properties would be most useful in identifying an unknown rock?
a) Specific weight
b) Smell
c) Color
d) Mineral Content

What is the thin, rigid layer that forms the outermost part of the Earth's lithosphere?
a) mantle
b) crust
c) outer core
d) inner core

Which type of boundary produces earthquakes
a) Transform
b) Divergent
c) Normal
d) Convergent

What is convection?
a) The transfer of heat through a liquid or gas
b) The idea that plates move.
c) The place were plates meet
d) The movement of water.

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