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Flowering plants with seed inside the fruit
a) angiosperm
d) gymnosperm

A flowering plant with two cotyledons in the seed
a) monocot
b) bioseed
c) monoseed
d) dicot

Tissue that produces new xylem and phloem
a) cambium
b) cellulose
c) cutcle
d) pallisade layer

cells that open and close to allow materials to enter and exit the leaf are called
a) stomata
b) phloem
c) xylem
d) guard cells

The tissue of tubular vessels that move water
a) xylem
b) cuticle
c) cambium
d) phloem

The waxy protective layer on stems and leaves of plants is the
a) cellulose
b) cambium
c) cuticle
d) pallisade layer

Moss plants are held in place by rootlike filaments called
a) cuticles
b) stems
c) rhizoids
d) roots

The first plants to grow in a new environment are called?
a) new plants
b) seed plants
c) vascular plants
d) pioneer species

Cell walls are made of
a) cellulose
b) epidermis
c) mitochondria
d) glucose

Flowering plants with one cotyledon in their seed
a) dicot
b) bioseed
c) monoseed
d) monocot

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