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Which term refers to a bitmapped graphic file that is commonly used as a fill or a background for a page or object? (pg. 136)
a) halftone
b) all of the above
c) gradient
d) texture

What term is used to refer to printing lines that can be inserted before or after a paragraph of text? (pg. 143)
a) space bars
b) text separators
c) paragraph guides
d) horizontal rules

Some desktop publishing programs come with a collection of ______, which are pre-built shapes and patterns that can be applied around the edges of rectangular and square objects.
a) boundary boxes
b) edge art
c) border art
d) cell art

When using sliders or text boxes to specify RGB color values for some specific color, the values entered in each box usually range from 0 to what?
a) 50
b) 522
c) 335
d) 255

The _____ of a color measures the degree to which you can see through the color. (pg.134)
a) density
b) opacity
c) hue
d) brightness

When you convert text into a graphic object, as some programs allow you to do, which action can you then perform on the object? (pg.141)
a) move
b) scale
c) rotate
d) all the above

What is another term for brightness, or the range of a color from black to white? (pg 134)
a) tint
b) transparency
c) saturation
d) hue

When adding printing lines after paragraphs of text, which term refers to the thickness of the line? (pg 143)
a) range
b) style
c) weight
d) depth

Which terms most accurately define the components of the HSL color system? (pg 134)
a) highlights, shadows, lighting
b) hue, saturation, lightness
c) hue, shadows, lightness
d) highlights, saturation, lightness

Some programs allow you to select a color from a ______, which is a rectangle that displays a spectrum of color from left to right. (pg 133)
a) color block
b) color bar
c) color scale
d) color gradient

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