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Changing from hand-making items to factory manufacturing is known as
a) urbanization
b) innovation
c) invention
d) industrialization

Thomas Edison invented the-
a) radio
b) telephone
c) light bulb
d) airplane

Alexander Graham Bell invented the-
a) radio
b) airplane
c) light bulb
d) telephone

What did people in the temperance movement view as the most serious problem of the 1800s?
a) alcohol abuse
b) overcrowded schools
c) lack of religious faith
d) shortage of mental hospitals

The Homestead Strike resulted in-
a) the growth of unions in the U.S.
b) the shut down of Carnegie's plant
c) a successful use of the strike
d) the collapse of the steel union

Andrew Carnegie was a business leader in the-
a) automobile industry
b) steel industry
c) oil industry
d) railroad industry

The rise of big business was caused by all of the following EXCEPT--
a) advertising and catalogs
b) lower-cost production
c) political machines
d) transportation advances

What modern technology can be traced back to Alexander Graham Bell?
a) cell phones
b) airplanes
c) mp3 players
d) race cars

Workplace reforms such as safer working conditions, fewer hours, and child labor restrictions were a direct result of the-
a) Homestead Strike
b) Progressive Movement
c) Business Leaders
d) Suffrage Movement

Suffrage is-
a) the right to vote
b) the 18th Amendment
c) the elimination of alcohol
d) the Bill of Rights

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