Mrs. D Lesson #4: What Resources Are Found On The Earth? Question Preview (ID: 5635)

Natural Resources.[print questions]

What natural resource is made from tiny dead organisms buried in layers of sediment over millions of years?
a) natural gas
b) earthquake
c) mountains
d) plains

Two examples of natural resources are _________________ and ______________
a) water and soil
b) air and natural gas
c) petroleum and lumber
d) all of these

Petroleum is a natural resource that is formed in _______________________
a) volcanoes
b) eathquakes
c) ocean basins
d) soil

People can conserve natural resources by ______________________
a) not carpooling
b) turning down heat and riding bikes instead of driving cars, and turning off lights
c) turning the heat up to make their house warmer
d) keeping the water running when they are brushing their teeth.

The breaking and changing of rocks is called _________________________
a) erosion
b) active volcanoes
c) weathering
d) landforms

A mountain is a type of ______________________
a) landform
b) earthquake
c) weathering
d) erosion

The movement of rocks along a fault may cause an ________________________
a) volcano
b) earthquake
c) soil to change to clay
d) minerals to form

The freezing and melting of water inside rocks can cause ___________________
a) rainstorm
b) a volcano to erupt
c) the rocks to break apart
d) an earthquake

Really large areas of ice formed by snow are called ___________________________
a) glaciers
b) earthquakes
c) volcanoes
d) dunes

_____________________ also protect soil from wind and rain, helping to slow down erosion
a) Trees
b) glaciers
c) faults
d) wind

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