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Which answer shows how sound waves travel?
a) a branch moving
b) a baseball hit by a bat
c) a rock dropped into water
d) a car going down a hill

You brain interprets signals from ?
a) tiny hairs that affect nerve cells
b) middle ear
c) inner ear
d) eardrums

How can the pitch of an instrument be affected?
a) the size of the players fingers
b) how hard you pluck the string
c) an object called a hammer
d) the length of its strings

When will an echo sound most like the original sound
a) toward a hillside
b) in a long hallway
c) in a pool
d) into your hands

How is a sonic boom made?
a) an object moving from a ship to the ocean\'s floor
b) an object flying over a desert
c) an object moving in outer space
d) an object moving faster than the speed of sound

Why do you think you often see a plane in the air before you hear it?
a) The speed of light is faster than the speed of sound.
b) Because of the clouds.
c) You don\'t.
d) The speed of sound is faster than light.

Series of vibrations that can be heard
a) sound
b) loudness
c) pitch
d) sound waves

Measure of sound energy reaching your ear
a) loudness
b) wave length
c) amplitude
d) sound waves

Measure of energy a wave carries
a) amplitude
b) sonic boom
c) echo
d) compression

measure of the distance between a point on one wave and the same point on the next wave
a) wave length
b) sound
c) pitch
d) sound wave

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