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What was the name of the helmets the Romans used in battle?
a) Galea
b) Scutum
c) Lorica
d) Helmet

What did the javelin do to prevent enimies from using it?
a) It disapears
b) it melts
c) it turns to stone
d) it bends and breaks

What was the name of the short sword used for close range attacks?
a) Scutum
b) Gladius
c) dagger
d) Javeline

How much money did the average soldier make a year?
a) 54$
b) 450$
c) 45$
d) 69$

How far did the Roman army travel on an average?
a) 36 miles
b) 13 miles
c) 3 miles
d) 25 miles

what formation did the army travel in?
a) in a triangle
b) septagon
c) line
d) a box

where did the strongest soldiers stand in the formation?
a) back
b) center
c) outside
d) front

what was the Cornu?
a) a shield
b) a chestplate
c) a helmet
d) a horn

what was the Lituus used for?
a) to signal lunch
b) to give precise battle commands
c) to signal calvary
d) to signal formations

who was the first emperor to divide land equally between sodliers?
a) caeser
b) augustus
c) tiberius
d) claudius

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