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Minerals are _________________
a) nonliving matter from the Earth
b) living matter from the Earth
c) found only in hte ocean
d) found only in volcanoes

Three properties of minerals are hardness, ________________, and ___________________.
a) size and shape
b) size and luster
c) color and luster
d) color and shape

If a mineral has a lot of luster then you know it must be _________________
a) colorful
b) hard
c) dull
d) shiny

Igneous rocks form from __________________________
a) rocks and shells
b) sand and dirt
c) cooling magma
d) many small rocks being pressed together.

Sedimentary rocks can be made of _______________________
a) other rocks, shells or sand.
b) volcanic ash
c) cooling magma
d) heat and pressure

You know a rock is a metamorphic rock if it ______________________
a) formed from heat and pressure deep inside Earth
b) was once a sedimentay rock
c) was once an igneous rock
d) All of these

An example of an igneous rock is _________________________________
a) limestone
b) granite
c) marble
d) sandstone

Sandstone is an example of a _______________________ rock.
a) igneous
b) sedimentary
c) metamorphic
d) dirt

Soils are different because ________________________
a) they are made from different things.
b) some are older than others.
c) they are made of the same things
d) none of these

The three types of soil are sand, __________________ and _________________.
a) clay and topsoil
b) topsoil and nutrients.
c) clay and water
d) minerals and rocks

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