Mrs. D's Lesson #2: Weathering And Erosion Question Preview (ID: 5626)

Weathering And Erosion.[print questions]

The breaking down of rocks into smaller pieces is called ___________________
a) weathering
b) properties
c) volcanoes
d) minerals

The moving of weathered rocks by water, wind, and ice is called _______________
a) weathering
b) volcanoes
c) erosion
d) plains

A type of erosion is ______________________
a) wind
b) water
c) ice
d) all of these

The difference between weathering and erosion is ___________________
a) weathering is just the movement rocks
b) erosion is just the wearing down of rocks
c) weathering is the breaking down of rocks and erosion is the movement of these broken rocks
d) none of these

Erosion can be harmful when ________________________
a) the rainwater washes away soil from farmlands.
b) wind blows away the sand at a beach
c) rainwater can wash away soil from underneath homes
d) all of these

Planting trees on steep mountains can help prevent ___________________
a) soiling from forming
b) earthquakes
c) erosion
d) volcanoes from erupting

Erosion is ________________________
a) always harmful
b) sometimes harmful but sometimes helpful
c) the plates oving inside the earth's crust
d) caused by volcanoes erupting

Soil is made up of minerals, rocks, dead plants and _______________
a) petroleum
b) animals
c) water
d) glaciers

When rocks are moved from one place to another it is called _________________
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) landforms
d) properties

A pile of sand formed by the wind is called a ___________________
a) earthequake
b) dune
c) volcano
d) glacier

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