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The type of democracy found in Great Britain where voters choose the legislative branch but not the Prime Minister
a) Parliamentary
b) Presidential
c) Representative
d) Unitary

The economic system based on supply and demand, consumers and business owners make decisions.
a) market
b) traditional
c) command
d) communist

System of government where the power is shared between a central authority and states or provinces.
a) federal
b) confederation
c) autocratic
d) unitary

The type of government where a few people have the power, could be based on wealth, social status, race, etc.
a) oligarchy
b) democracy
c) autocracy
d) unitary

The type of government where one person has the power, monarch, emperor, dictator.
a) autocracy
b) federal
c) unitary
d) oligarchy

A voluntary association of nations, members hold the power and can choose to give powers to a central authority.
a) confederation
b) federation
c) federal system
d) unitary system

The type of democracy that gives voters more power, they choose two branches of government.
a) presidential democracy
b) constitutional monarchy
c) parliamentary democracy
d) representative democracy

System of government where there is no division of power, the central government holds all power.
a) unitary
b) confederation
c) oligarchy
d) federal

Economic system based on farming, hunting, gathering, social roles and customs.
a) traditional
b) command
c) mixed
d) market

Type of government where all the people have the power.
a) democracy
b) oligarchy
c) monarchy
d) autocracy

The type of economy where the government makes all the decisions.
a) command
b) traditional
c) mixed
d) market

A type of autocracy where the leader takes power by force and rules by force.
a) Theocracy
b) Dictatorship
c) Unitary
d) Monarchy

A type of government ruled by a religious leader or group.
a) Theocracy
b) Monarchy
c) Oligarchy
d) Monotheistic

The power sharing system found in the US today.
a) Federal
b) Confederation
c) Unitary
d) Presidential

The type of economy most countries have where the government and individuals have different levels of control.
a) Mixed
b) Market
c) Command
d) Traditional

The type of economy that would be best for an entrepreneur.
a) Market
b) Traditional
c) Democracy
d) Command

The rare mixture of qualities needed to start and run a business.
a) Entrepreneurship
b) Human Resources
c) Capitalism
d) Specialization

A tax or fee placed on goods imported into a country.
a) Quota
b) Tariff
c) Embargo
d) Property tax

Refusal to trade with a country in hopes of achieving political or social change.
a) Embargo
b) Treaty
c) Quota
d) Tariff

A limit on the number or amount of goods imported into a country, used to protect a country's businesses and economy.
a) Quota
b) Tariff
c) Embargo
d) Allowance

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