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Which of the Enlightenment thinkers made many countries to become independent and make a revolution?
a) Jefferson’s, bush’s, Obama’s
b) Beccaria’s, Locke’s, Voltaire’s
c) David, Thomas, Joseph
d) Victor, John, Thomas

What are the three branches of the goverment?
a) Executive, Legislative and Judicial
b) Executive, Revolutionary, Liberty
c) Judicial, Federal, Independence
d) Legislative, Liberty, Property

What did the American Leaders create in the meeting of 1787 when they revised articles ?
a) Mexican Constitution
b) American Constitution
c) American book of laws
d) American Independence

How was the protest pre tax in 1773 called ?
a) Boston Tea Party
b) Texas Tea Party
c) New York Tea Party
d) Louisiana Cofee Party

How many colonists were member of the Parliament ?
a) 2
b) none
c) 4
d) 9

What were the checks and balances?
a) every branch of the goverment checks each other
b) The goverment branches attack each other
c) the Judicial branch is more powerful than the others
d) the Executive branch runs the Country

What type of system did the colonists in America finished with?
a) monarchial system
b) Democratic system
c) Federal system
d) Revolutionary system

Who had a stronger army, the Brithish or the Colonists?
a) Neither
b) Colonists
c) The same
d) Brithish

What is a boycott?
a) a refusal to buy a product
b) a refusal to buy many of products
c) the refusal to buy people
d) the refusal to buy countries

What were some injustice things about the british in America ?
a) They gave them free food and shelter
b) They paid more taxes than the Brithish
c) They were well paid
d) They were esclaves

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