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This person wrote the FFA creed:
a) C. H. Lane
b) Leslie Applegate
c) E. M. Tiffany
d) Seymour Butts

The first line of the FFA motto is:
a) Learning to Live
b) Learning to Earn
c) Learning to Serve
d) Learning to Do

The name of the FFA magazine is:
a) New Horizons
b) The Future Farmer
c) The Furrow
d) Agriculture Today

The apparel worn by FFA members at ceremonies and special occasions is called
a) Blue & Gold
b) Official Dress
c) Bold Corduroy
d) Dress Blues

Which of the following is not part of official dress?
a) FFA Jacket
b) Black Shoes
c) White Shirt
d) White Socks

Which of the following does not belong on your FFA jacket?
a) highest award earned pin
b) school varsity letter
c) current officer pin
d) highest degree pin

The official name of the FFA is:
a) Future Farmers of America
b) The National FFA Organization
c) Future Friends of Agriculture
d) Fueling Fords Anytime

The current South Lewis FFA secretary is:
a) Ashtin Tripp
b) Hannah Ward
c) Hannah Nortz
d) Emily Houck

The current South Lewis FFA vice president is:
a) Katie Harvey
b) Lyndsay Snyder
c) Megan Bourgeois
d) Steven Houck

The current South Lewis FFA president is:
a) Emily Houck
b) Lyndsay Snyder
c) Brad Farr
d) Rachael Humphrey

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