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Which of Napoleon´s mistakes was the most serious?
a) Trying to conquer Great Britain
b) Trying to conquer lots of lands
c) Trying to conquer Spain
d) Trying to conquer Russia

What was the Continental System?
a) Napoleon´s policy of preventing trade and communication between Great Britain
b) Napoleon's policy of preventing trade with the whole world
c) Napoleon's policy of preventing trade with Russia and Spain
d) Napoleon´s policy of preventing trade with America

Why was Napoleon´s delay of the retreat from Moscow such a great blunder?
a) Napoleon lost all his ways of traveling
b) Napoleon killed every russian soldier
c) Napoleon made a trade with Russia
d) His soldiers died from injuries, hunger, and exhausism

How did Napoleon became a hero in France?
a) he had honest military
b) He persuated citizens that he was the best ruler of France
c) He made the collection more fair,he removed dishonest workers, he started lycees, he gave the church
d) He proposed lots of good things for France.

Which did Napoleon consider his greatest triumph in domestic policy?
a) He ended French revolution
b) He was the king of France
c) He conquered lots of places
d) Everyone respected him as a hero

How was Napoleon able to control the countries neighboring the French Empire?
a) He took out all armies to put his army
b) He stopped trade between nations
c) He conquered them with military force, poppet rulers, and treat of force
d) He killed lots of people to intimidate them and give up

Napoleon had to deal biota forces both inside and outside the French Empire. Which area was more important to control?
a) The outside because he needed to import product
b) The inside because he needed to control
c) The inside because to gain money, he had to export French products
d) Both because he wanted power

If you had been a member of the bourgeoisie, would you have been satisfied with the results of Napoleon´s actions?
a) Yes, because he made all the bourgeoisie wanted to again their respect
b) No, because they wanted better government by Napoleon
c) Yes, Napoleon had the best government of France
d) No, Napoleon was the worst ruler of France

Why did Napoleon have trouble fighting the enemy forces in the peninsular war?
a) Because they were really far away
b) Because they needed much more troops than the quantity that napoleon had
c) Because they were very powerful, as powerful as France
d) Because they were allies first

Which of Napoleon´s mistakes was the most serious?
a) Trying to be as the past king
b) Trying to have lots of power around the world
c) Trying to conquer spain
d) Trying to conquer England

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