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Who was Napoleon Bonaparte?
a) Napoleon Bonaparte was a Militery leader who seized power in France
b) Napoleon Bonaparte was a French citizen
c) Napoleon Bonaparte was the king of france
d) Napoleon Bonaparte was a soldier

What was the Napoleonic code?
a) The way Napoleon seized france
b) The defeat of France
c) The completest set of laws set up by Napoleon that eliminated many injustices
d) The completest set of laws set up by Napoleon that helped him gain money

What was the Battle of Trafalgar?
a) Napoleon's first war
b) defeat of Napoleon’s forces at sea
c) Napoleon's battle won
d) defeat of Napoleon's forces at land

How did Napoleon get control of the government?
a) He used troops to seize the government.
b) He made new laws for the citizens
c) He took out the king by votes
d) He killed the king

What changes did Napoleon make?
a) He helped poor citizens
b) He made tax collection more fair, he removed dishonest workers, he started lycees, he gave the churc
c) He built a museum just about him
d) He was very kind with the citizens

Where did Napoleon succeed in adding lands, and where did he fail?
a) He succeeded in Austria, Netherlands,Italy and Switzerland and he failed in Haiti, America
b) He succeeded in Netherlands and Haiti and he failed in America and in Switzerland
c) He suceeded in Haiti and he failed in America
d) He succeeded in Haiti and America, and he failed in Italy and Switzerland

What happened to Napoleon in Russia?
a) He won the battle
b) burned lands for the French army don’t eat.
c) He lost the battle
d) He killed all of the russian army.

Where did Napoleon´s last battle take place?
a) Russia
b) Waterloo
c) Great Britain
d) France

What was Napoleon´s last attempt at power?
a) He wanted to have venegance of French people
b) He wanted money
c) He wanted to gain power of France once again.
d) He wanted to defeat Great Britain

How was Napoleon´s last attempt at power named?
a) Waterloo
b) Trafalgar
c) Reign of terror
d) The Hundred Days

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