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Which is not a type of galaxy?
a) barred spiral
b) irregular
c) elliptical
d) circular

Which of these causes seasonal changes on Earth?
a) Earth\'s orbit and tilt
b) Earth\'s position in relation to the moon
c) the changing shape of Earth\'s orbit
d) the shape of the sun\'s orbit

Why is it important to include the asteroid belt when drawing the solar system?
a) The asteroid belt divides the inner rocky planets from the outer gas planets.
b) The asteroids once held liquid water and offer clues to how life began on earth.
c) All the planets beyond the asteroid belt are rocky giants.
d) The asteroid belt is the brightest object besides the moon in the night sky.

Why is it generally warmer in the summer than in the winter in North America?
a) Earth\'s axis always points toward the North Star.
b) The North Pole is dark all day in thewinter and light all day in the summer.
c) Earth is farther from the sun during the winter and closer in the summer.
d) The sun\'s rays hit the Northern Hemisphere more directly in summer than in winter.

One way scientists classify stars is by their color. Earth\'s sun is a yellow star. Which sentence is true about the sun?
a) A blue star is larger than our sun, and a red star is smaller.
b) A red star is cooler than our sun, and a blue star is hotter.
c) A blue star is cooler than our sun, and a red star is hotter.
d) A red star is larger than our sun, and a blue star is smaller.

Which planet has the shortest revolution around the sun?
a) neptune
b) mars
c) mercury
d) saturn

Why are you able to see the moon?
a) The moon reflects sunlight from earth.
b) Sunlight reflects from the moon to your eyes.
c) Sunlight refracts from the moon to your eyes.
d) The moon absorbs sunlight from earth.

Which planet is farthest from the sun?
a) venus
b) saturn
c) jupiter
d) mars

What is the order of the first four planets from nearest to farthest from the Sun?
a) Mars, Mercury, Venus, Earth
b) Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury
c) Venus, Mercury, Earth, Mars
d) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

The sun is an example of what?
a) star
b) meteroite
c) galaxy
d) planet

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