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1.What year marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation?
a) 1517
b) 1516
c) 1556
d) 1589

2.What invention fanned the flame of religious change during the Protestant Reformation?
a) Telephone
b) Movable type printing press
c) car
d) fire

3.What other period of history was happening during the Protestant Reformation?
a) World war 1
b) The Mexican Independence
c) World war 2
d) The Northern Renaissance

4.Who is known as the "Morning Star of the Reformation"?
a) Martin Luther
b) Louis the 16
c) John Wycliffe
d) The pope

Which reformer from Bohemia was condemned along with Wycliffe's writings at the Council of Constance?
a) John Huss
b) Louis the 16
c) Martin Luther
d) Benito Juarez

What Augustinian friar wrote a list of ninety-five propositions to the Roman Catholic church in an attempt to reform its corrupt practices?
a) John Wycliffe
b) Louis the 16
c) Martin Luther
d) Martin king

What Roman priest from Switzerland stepped forward in 1518 to attack the sale of indulgences?
a) Ulrich ferguson
b) The pope
c) John Lock
d) Ulrich Zwingli

What French reformer, who was based in Geneva, Switzerland, became one of the most influential Protestant leaders of all time?
a) John Cloud
b) Louis the 16
c) Calvin Klein
d) John Calvin

Many of the Protestant leaders were concerned about educating the public. What was their main reason for this?
a) They liked to educate
b) To better understand the Bible
c) To stop understanding the Bible
d) They didn't have anything to do.

Who was the best known figure of the Northern Renaissance?
a) Desiderius Erasmus
b) Desiderius Felix
c) John Calvin
d) Martin Luther

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