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Rain containing sulfuric and nitric acids.
a) smog
b) acid rain
c) particulates
d) ozone

Loss of forests
a) habitat destruction
b) desertification
c) deforestation
d) sustainable development

Splitting of land into small sections
a) biological magnification
b) deforestation
c) habitat destruction
d) habitat fragmentation

Practice of farming
a) aquaculture
b) agriculture
c) monoculture
d) green revolution

Resource that can regenerate quickly and that is replaceable
a) nonrenewable resource
b) sustainable development
c) conservation
d) renewable resource

Number of different species in the biosphere
a) species diversity
b) biodiversity
c) genetic diversity
d) ecosystem diversity

Plants and animals that have migrated to places where they are not native
a) introduced species
b) native species
c) invasive species
d) umbrella species

Increase in the average temperatures on Earth
a) ozone
b) solar shielding
c) greenhouse effect
d) global warming

Using natural resources at a rate that does not deplete them
a) conservation
b) sustainable development
c) green revolution
d) biological magnification

Species whose population size is rapidly declining and will become extinct if the trend continues.
a) introduced species
b) threatened species
c) umbrella species
d) endangered species

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