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The atmospheric gas that forms carbonic acid when dissolved in water is ____.
a) carbon dioxide
b) aluminum
c) oxygen
d) sulfur

Which of the following is NOT a specialized adaptation for cave dwelling species?
a) loss of smell
b) loss of eyes
c) heat sensing organs (thermo imagery)
d) echolocation

What happens when Nitrogen enters a water supply?
a) all of these
b) it causes oxygen to eventually be depleted
c) it makes algae grow
d) it can allow species that feed on algae to increase in number so that they unbalance an ecosystem

Why does an increase in algae end up killing a pond?
a) when the algae dies, the microorganisms decaying the algae use up the oxygen in the water
b) the algea puts too much oxygen in the water
c) none of the above. Algae is an essential organism in ponds.
d) the algae uses up all of the oxygen

Which of the following is NOT true concerning groundwater?
a) as long as you don’t pollute in your own yard, there is no way your well water could be polluted
b) landfills contribute to groundwater pollution
c) if your neighbor irrigates his fields, he could make your well run dry
d) water gets filtered as it goes through the sediment down into the aquifer

Caverns most commonly form in what type of bedrock?
a) limestone
b) granite
c) sandstone
d) shale

Which of the following is typically NOT associated with areas of karst topography?
a) geysers
b) disappearing streams
c) caverns
d) sinkholes

Why is turbidity bad for wetlands?
a) all of these
b) it smothers (kills) eggs and babies of aquatic animals that are on the bottom of the wetland
c) the sediments absorb heat from the sun which then raises the temperature of the water - depleating o
d) it clogs the gills of fish

Why is it important to preserve wetlands?
a) all of these
b) they act as sponges and clean the water of pollution
c) many plant and animal species depend on them
d) they act as a storage place for flood waters

When groundwater enters underground fractures or caverns in hot igneous rocks, where it is heated to boiling temperatures, what feature can form?
a) geyser
b) sping
c) sinkhole
d) aquitard

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