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In a stream channel, which of the following will be deposited first?
a) gravel-sized particles
b) fine sand and silt
c) the dissolved load
d) clay-sized particles

What is the main problem with building artificial levees?
a) they don't allow for sediments to be deposited on the floodplain, so they deposit in the river, caus
b) eliminates wide stream meanders necessary for cutbanks
c) They often get clogged, causing costly repairs and damage to the ecosystem.
d) is more expensive to build these structures than to replace homes damaged by flood waters.

Which would you find at the beginning of a stream?
a) rapids and waterfalls
b) deltas and natural levees
c) meanders and floodplains
d) lakes and ponds

The flat portion of a valley floor adjacent to (beside) a stream channel is called a ____.
a) floodplain
b) meander
c) tributary
d) divide

Two houses are for sale across the river from each other. Which one would be better to buy?
a) the house on the inside of the meander
b) the house on the outside of the meander
c) neither. They both have equal probability of erosional issues
d) the house that's already in the river - what a view!

All the rivers that flow into a main river are called:
a) tributaries
b) riverlettes
c) levees
d) none of these

What is the ultimate base level of a stream?
a) the ocean
b) large lake
c) resistant layer of rock
d) larger stream

The ability of a stream to erode and transport material depends largely on its ____.
a) velocity
b) length
c) width
d) density

Deltas form when ____.
a) streams drop sediment as they enter lakes or oceans
b) the water table rises due to flooding
c) minerals dripping from a cavern ceiling form stone pendants
d) rainwater containing carbon dioxide dissolves underground rock

A natural levee is ____.
a) a depositional feature alongside the stream channel
b) a depositional feature across the stream channel
c) an erosional feature across the stream channel
d) an erosional feature alongside the stream channel

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