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The process that occurs when physical forces break rock into smaller pieces without changing the rock\\\'s chemical composition is called ____.
a) mechanical
b) erosion
c) differential
d) chemical

Which of the following is NOT associated with mechanical weathering?
a) reactions with oxygen
b) frost wedging
c) biological activity
d) abrasion

What kind of material is found in the A horizon of a soil profile?
a) mineral and organic matter
b) parent material (bedrock)
c) partially weathered parent material
d) clay

What is the force behind mass movements?
a) gravity
b) flowing water
c) sun's energy
d) moving ice

Which of the following would transmit the least amount of water due to tiny pore spaces between the sediment?
a) clay
b) gravel
c) sand
d) silt

The rate of soil erosion depends on ____.
a) all of these
b) type of vegetation
c) climate
d) slope steepness

In which of the following areas will soil formation be greatest?
a) a flat area in a warm, wet climate
b) a steep slope in a warm, wet climate
c) a north-facing area on a steep slope
d) a flat area in a cold, wet climate

Which of the following human activities has caused an increase in soil erosion?
a) all of these
b) clear-cut logging
c) plowing land for farming
d) clearing land for construction

Why can the removal of vegetation trigger mass movements?
a) The plant roots bind and anchor the soil.
b) The soil loses nutrients and begins to crumble.
c) The shaking triggers mass movements.
d) The plant roots lubricate the loose sediment.

During what season would you expect mass movements to be a greater threat?
a) a wet spring before vegetation is growing
b) a dry summer
c) a wet spring with lots of growing vegetation
d) a dry autumn after the leaves have turned

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