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The treasurer has this emblem at their station.
a) The Plow
b) The Ear of Corn
c) The Bust of Washington
d) The Rising Sun

The Plow is symbolic of
a) A New Era of Agriculture
b) Labor & Tillage of the soil
c) Savings & Investments in the soil
d) The National Scope of Agriculture

The Owl Symbolizes
a) The importance of Agriculture
b) A new day in Agriculture
c) The labor & tillage of the soil
d) Wisdom and Knowledge

The clasped hands are at the station of the
a) historian
b) president
c) sentinel
d) reporter

The reporter has this emblem at their station:
a) the FFA Flag
b) the American Flag
c) the emblem of Washington
d) the ear of corn

Which of the following commodities is produced in all 50 states?
a) corn
b) wheat
c) soybeans
d) potatoes

The clasped hands are symbolic of this office:
a) the historian
b) the advisor
c) the president
d) the sentinel

The plow is the symbol for this office
a) the president
b) the reporter
c) the vice president
d) the treasurer

The rising sun represents this office
a) the sentinel
b) the treasurer
c) the vice-president
d) the president

This officer is responsible for maintaining the chapter financial records:
a) the treasurer
b) the parlimentarian
c) the historian
d) the reporter

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