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Reformatories were created primarily for which population of offenders?
a) Women
b) Juveniles
c) Convicted murderers
d) Younger, less-hardened criminals

The classification system, introduced in the Reformatory movement,:
a) Led to more violence and disorganization in prisons
b) Treated all criminals for mental illness
c) Gave offenders the chance to be released on parole
d) Allowed for women to be segregated in separate parts of the prison

During which period of time was the medical model popular in the United States?
a) 1900 - 1930
b) It is currently the most popular model.
c) 1960 - 1970
d) 1940 - 1950

According to the medical model:
a) All inmates were mentally ill and needed treatment
b) Inmates diagnosed with a life-threatening disease were released from prison
c) Old and sick inmates received special treatment in hospitals
d) Women inmates received the same rights as men inmates

Which of the following would not have been a job for women in a women\'s institute?
a) Cooking
b) Ironing
c) Carpentry
d) Cleaning

Which of the following is a benefit of the privatization of businesses?
a) Private prisons take longer to construct
b) Private prisons cost more money to operate
c) Private prisons make up about 25% of all prisons
d) Inmates have more resources available to them in priviate prisons

Regarding the history of corrections, which of the following statements can be assumed?
a) The U.S. has avoided repeating the same mistakes over history.
b) Old prisons have always been torn down before new ones have been constructed.
c) There is one best way to handle the incarceration of criminals.
d) History repeats itself and progress in corrections is minimal.

Over the course of history, punishment for crimes:
a) Has become more severe and less humane.
b) Has been almost eliminated in today\'s society.
c) Has consistently stayed the same since the 1600\'s.
d) Has become less severe and more humane.

Which of the following offenders would be mostly likely placed in a shock incarceration program?
a) A habitual offender arrested on his third felony for drug charges
b) A pregnant offender guilty for writing hot checks
c) A first-time offender found guilty of petit larceny (theft less than $500)
d) A convicted murderer

What color is the sky? (I ran out of questions)
a) Blue
b) Green
c) Yellow
d) Red

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