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a) different alleles ( T t )
b) same alleles ( T T )
c) fertilized egg
d) male and female goats

a) different traits
b) different alleles ( T t )
c) two brother goats
d) same alleles ( T T ) ot ( t t )

a) genetic make up of an organism
b) will mask representation of other gene
c) pushy ant
d) how a person looks

a) nervous gene
b) the sequence part of DNA
c) physical look of an organism
d) appears when the dominate trait is not there ( t t )

a) liklihood that a specific trait will be expressed
b) sperm or egg cell
c) genetic make up of an organism
d) liklihood that all girls will have blonde hair

a) a very smart dog
b) cell blueprint
c) chart that traces a specific gene through a generation
d) expression of a trait

a) genetic make up of an organism
b) sperm or egg cell
c) type of personality
d) ( T T ) dominate genes

a) when you go crazy
b) liklihood that a specific trait will be expressed
c) specific point on a chromosome
d) different alleles

Severo Ochoa
a) mexican singer
b) distinguished between germ and somatic cells
c) Synthesis of RNA (Transfer messenger) molecules
d) male gene

Hugo De Vries
a) Duplicated Mendel's experiment
b) discovered the structure of DNA
c) A large company
d) poioneer

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