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Which of the following reformists believed that reform should take place in the laws of crime and punishment?
a) Jeremy Bentham
b) John Howard
c) King Henry
d) Cesare Beccaria

Which reformist believed that reform should first take place among the inmates by instilling discipline, religion, and penance?
a) Jeremy Bentham
b) John Howard
c) King Henry
d) Cesare Beccaria

According to Cesare Beccaria, punishment should be:
a) Lenient
b) Severe for all crimes
c) Certain and swift
d) Unknown for the crime

Which of the following statements is true of the Pennsylvania model of prison?
a) Inmates were allowed to work together but in silence
b) Inmates were only in solitary confinement during the night
c) It was the preferred model of prison
d) Inmates were kept in solitary confinement and given heavy doses of religious teachings

Which of the following is true of the Auburn model of prison?
a) It was first developed in the state of Alabama
b) Inmates worked together in a factory-like assembly line popular to modern times
c) Inmates worked on individual crafts in their cells
d) It was not the preferred model of prison

______________________ were common during the first three decades of the 19th century.
a) Correctional Institutions
b) Big Houses
c) Contemporary violent prisons
d) Workhouses

Which of the following statements is true regarding the Refomatory period?
a) Reformatories were created for women offenders
b) Inmates in reformatories had definite sentences
c) Inmates in reformatories were able to be released on parole for good behavior
d) The classification system wasn't introduced until after the Reformatory period

Women inmates:
a) Received the same rights as male prisoners
b) Have always been housed in their own institutions
c) Learned factory-like trades and jobs along with the male inmates
d) Were segregated in male prisons and considered inferior

The conducting of prison operations (building and operating) by private businesses is also known as:
a) Privatization
b) Shock Incarceration
c) Medical Model
d) Penitentiary

Which of the following is an example of history repeating itself in corrections?
a) The use of chain gangs
b) The adding on of "new" facilities to older ones
c) The changing of sentences from set to flexible and back to set
d) All of the above

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