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Which of the following would be considered a short bone?
a) carpals
b) femur
c) tibia
d) sternum

A fibrous tissue membrane that covers and protects the outer surface of bone, giving bone its smooth surface, is:
a) epiphyseal line
b) spongy bone
c) compact bone
d) periosteum

Mature bone cells are called:
a) osteoblasts
b) osteoclasts
c) osteocytes
d) osteophagus

Which of the following is true of the canals within bone?
a) Haversian canals run lengthwise through the bone
b) Volkmann's canals run at right angles, perforating through the bone
c) Both A & B are correct
d) None of the above are correct

Which of the following would be considered an irregular bone?
a) patella
b) vertebrae
c) parietal bone
d) humerus

Which of the following is true?
a) Osteoblasts help build or form new bone cells, osteoclasts destroy bone cells
b) Osteoclasts help build new bone cells, osteoblasts destroy bone cells
c) Both osteoblasts and osteoclasts help build new bone cells
d) Both osteoblasts and osteoclasts help destroy bone cells

What is the function of the epiphyseal plate?
a) cause thickening of bone
b) cause lengthwise growth of bone
c) cause new cartilage to form
d) projection to which tendons attach

Which of the following contains the correct 5 functions of bones?
a) support, protection, fat storage, blood cell formation, immune system production
b) heat generation, protection, storage, lymph fluid formation, support
c) hormone production, blood cell formation, support, protection, storage
d) support, protection, movement, storage, blood cell formation

Which of the following describes compact bone?
a) dense, smooth, homogenous
b) dense, smooth, heterogenous
c) loose, smooth, homogenous
d) loose, rough, homogenous

Which of the following describes spongy bone?
a) dense, smooth portions of bone
b) long pieces of bones with holes in it
c) small pieces of bone with lots of open space between them
d) cube-shaped bone packed densely together

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