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repetition of vowel sounds
a) assonance
b) consonance
c) alliteration
d) repetition

Say one thing and mean the opposite
a) verbal irony
b) situational irony
c) dramatic irony
d) cosmic irony

Where both the reader and the character are surprised by a turn in events.
a) situational irony
b) dramatic irony
c) verbal irony
d) cosmic irony

Where the reader knows something the character doesn't
a) dramatic irony
b) situational irony
c) verbal irony
d) cosmic irony

Repetition of consonant sounds
a) alliteration
b) assonance
c) repetition
d) irony

comparison NOT using like or as
a) metaphor
b) analogy
c) simile
d) conceit

comparison using like or as
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) analogy
d) conceit

Deliberate exaggeration for emphasis
a) hyperbole
b) ontomatopoeia
c) irony
d) diction

Two opposite words placed together
a) oxymoron
b) onomatopoeia
c) hyperbole
d) figurative language

Word that is spelled like it sounds.
a) onomatopoeia
b) personification
c) characterization
d) oxymoron

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