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Who is the father of Jesus?
a) God
b) Joseph
c) Peter
d) John the Baptist

Who was the blind man that sat begging near Jericho?
a) Bartimaeus
b) the blind man
c) Nicodemus
d) Simeon

Who asked God to let him live long enough to see the Messiah?
a) Simeon
b) Andrew
c) Bartimaeus
d) the nobleman's son

Who told the wise men that he wanted to worship the Child with them?
a) Herod
b) Joseph
c) Moses
d) John the Baptist

Who baptized Jesus?
a) John the Baptist
b) Elijah
c) Simeon
d) Joseph

Who tempted Jesus in the wilderness?
a) Satan
b) God
c) James
d) Peter

Which disciple walked on the water to Jesus?
a) Peter
b) James
c) John
d) Andrew

Jesus told this person that Ye must be born again.
a) Nicodemus
b) Bartimaeus
c) Peter
d) James

Who told people that she met a man which told her all the things that she ever did?
a) the woman at the well
b) Mary
c) Elizabeth
d) Sarah

Jesus healed this person while he was several miles away.
a) the nobleman's son
b) Andrew
c) Simeon
d) Bartimaeus

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