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Mary and Joseph offered _____ in the Temple.
a) two piegons
b) doves
c) wine
d) bread

The wisemen gave ________________ as gifts to Jesus.
a) gold, frankincense, and myrrh
b) two pigeons
c) a camel
d) a free ride home

John the Baptist ate
a) locusts and honey
b) pizza
c) wine and bread
d) fish and bread

Satan asked Jesus to turn rocks into _______________.
a) bread
b) water
c) fish
d) sand

If you worship me, I will give you all the ______________ of the world.
a) kingdoms
b) gold
c) silver
d) riches

Jusus turned water into ________________ in His first miracle.
a) wine
b) pizza
c) oil
d) bread

Pharisees were upset when a healed man carried a _________on the Sabbath day.
a) bed roll
b) Bible
c) basket of food
d) bird cage

Where did the wise men come from to worship the new King?
a) the East
b) the North
c) the West
d) the South

Where was the Temple located?
a) Jerusalem
b) Nazareth
c) Bethel
d) Ur

Who was the father of Jesus?
a) God
b) Joseph
c) James
d) Peter

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