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What is a specific piece of information called in a database?
a) Record
b) Report
c) Row
d) Field

Which of the following will provide you with a hard copy of your data?
a) Record
b) Field
c) Report
d) Query

Which of the following looks like a spreadsheet and is the most common way to enter information into a database?
a) Table
b) Form
c) Record
d) Spreadsheet

What is a user-friendly way of entering data into a database?
a) Record
b) Form
c) Row
d) Text type

Which kind of query simply retrieves information?
a) Action
b) Update
c) Delete
d) Select

Which button applies and removes filters?
a) Sort
b) Redo
c) Undo
d) Toggle

To sort in alphabetical order, perform a _____________________ sort.
a) Select
b) Ascending
c) Descending
d) Query

A database is similar to:
a) A spreadsheet
b) A typewriter
c) A completed survey
d) An electronic filing cabinet

To use data from an external source, the user must first _________________ the data.
a) Import
b) Filter
c) Sort
d) Export

To remove unwanted records from your database, use a ________________ query.
a) Select
b) Summary
c) Delete
d) Update

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