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This type of mine uses a shear to get ore
a) longwall mine
b) room and pillar
c) open pit
d) quarry

For a mine to be considered the deposit must be how much more concentrated
a) 100-1000 times
b) 10-100 times
c) 100-500 times
d) 500-1000 times

Aluminum's ore is called
a) bauxite
b) galena
c) steel
d) andrite

Placer deposits are often found
a) where river current is weak
b) under ground
c) in mountianess areas
d) in deserts

What is a property that is true for metallic minerals that is not true for nonmetallic?
a) conduct electricity
b) value
c) mining methods
d) ease of mining

Aquatic life may be harmed by the sulfuric acid from
a) AMD
b) blasting areas
c) equipment emissions
d) no answer is correct

Nonmetallic minerals that are prized for their beauty are
a) gemstones
b) gold
c) silver
d) gypsum

The type of mining that uses chemicals to dissolve the mineral
a) solution
b) room and pillar
c) gopher
d) placer

The collapse of pillars in mines can cause
a) subsidence
b) flax
c) slag
d) overburden

This Act requires mines to put area back the way it was when they are done
a) Reclamation Act
b) Mining compensation Act
c) Safe Drinking Water act
d) Endangered Species Act

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