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The properties of minerals are determined by
a) stregnth of chemical bonds
b) where they are found
c) how long ago they were formed
d) what state they are in

This mineral is used in ammunition and glass
a) lead
b) gold
c) silver
d) gypsum

Which of the following is an example of a subsurface mine?
a) room and pillar
b) quarries
c) open pit
d) placer

Minerals that have no commerical value are
a) gaunge minerals
b) ore minerals
c) alloys
d) test minerals

In general, non-metals are
a) conductive
b) insulators
c) shinny
d) maleable

Often valuable minerals are found in this form
a) ore
b) overburden
c) gaunge
d) slag

Iron is used to make this alloy
a) steel
b) lead
c) gold
d) aluminum

If the strip ratio is high this type of mine might be used
a) room and pillar
b) quarry
c) open pit
d) placer

What is the contaminant that might cause AMD
a) sulfuric acid
b) methane
c) flux
d) carbon

Layers of impurities that form during smelting are called
a) slag
b) dredge
c) gaunge
d) overburden

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