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The left ventricle, labeled _______, pumps oxygen-rich blood to the body.
a) A
b) D
c) C
d) B

The left atrium, labeled _______, receives oxygen-rich blood from the lungs
a) A
b) D
c) C
d) B

________ and ________ makes up blood pressure
a) systematic and diagnostic pressure
b) veins and arteries
c) artium and ventricles
d) diastoic and systoic pressure

The right ventricle, labeled ______, pumps to the lungs
a) A
b) D
c) C
d) B

Blood pressure results from the _____.
a) Contraction of the diaphragm
b) Gases between the blood and body cells
c) Build up of fatty materials in artery walls
d) Contraction of the ventricles in the heart that forces blood into blood vessels.

A function of the circulatory system is to _____.
a) Transport needed materials to body cells and remove wastes
b) Provide structural support for the lungs
c) Generate blood pressure so the arteries and veins do not collapse
d) Produce blood and lymph nodes

a) Carry blood away from the heart
b) Carries oxygen-rich blood
c) Connect arteries and capillaries
d) Brings blood back towards the heart

Blood pressure
a) Creates a pulse
b) All of the above
c) Keeps blood flowing in the right direction
d) Is a force of blood pushing against the wall

A(n)____ prevents blood from going backwards
a) Atrium
b) Vein
c) Valve
d) Ventricle

_______ carry blood away from the heart.
a) Veins
b) Arteries
c) Valves
d) Capillaries

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