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Chemicals related to mood swings are:
a) Genes
b) Hormones
c) Chromosomes
d) Amino acids

In the human reproduction, the uterus will
a) catch the egg after it matures in the ovary
b) Protect the fetus while it is growing
c) Decide if the fetus will be male or female
d) Protect the reproductive organs

The joining of two special cells, one from each parent is called
a) fallopian tube
b) ejaculation
c) fertilization
d) umbilical cord

What determines if a baby will be a boy or a girl?
a) The age of the mother
b) The chromosome of the sperm
c) The chromosome from the ovum
d) The size of the ovum

The purpose of sperm is to:
a) fertilize the female egg
b) bring nutrients to the fertilized ovum
c) relieve pressure in the testicles
d) protect the reproductive organs

What is ovulation?
a) release of a mature egg cell
b) release of fertilized sperm
c) joining of eff and sperm
d) thickening of the uterus

Which of the following is NOT a physical development caused by puberty?
a) pimples
b) underarm hair
c) fetal alcohol syndrome
d) menstration

________, the stage of birth which follows a series of strong muscular contractions which cause the cervix to open enough for the baby to fit through.
a) Delivery
b) Ovulation
c) Afterbirth
d) Labor

Which of the following is the correct sequence in the development of an embryo?
a) Labor, Delivery, Afterbirth
b) Ovulation, Implantation Fertilization
c) Delivery, Labor, Afterbirth
d) Ovulation, Fertilization, Implantation

The male hormone ____ is produced in the testes and regulates the development of male traits and sperm
a) Semen
b) Testosterone
c) Estrogen
d) Progesterone

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