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Do light sticks conserve mass?
a) Yes
b) all of the above
c) Maybe
d) No

What causes water to change from liquid form to a gas?
a) boiling point
b) evaporation point
c) freezing point
d) melting point

Water boils at what degree C*
a) 0
b) 125
c) 100
d) 58

Which of the following is not a chemical property?
a) flammability
b) reacts with vinegar
c) shape
d) reacts with oxygen

What kind of change is represented by the mixing of colored play doh?
a) physical change
b) physical property
c) Law of conservation of mass
d) chemical change

Which of the following is an example of a physical change?
a) Baking a cake
b) Burning a fire
c) Cutting hair
d) Alka Seltzer in water

What does not show that a chemical change has occured?
a) Acid tablet dissolving
b) ripping a piece of paper
c) Iron gate rusting
d) Silver dish tarnishing

Which of the below is not part an atom?
a) Nucleus
b) proton
c) electron
d) glutron

An atom is defined as
a) an aggrevating 6th grade boy
b) identifying characteristic
c) top number of an element
d) a small particle that makes up most types of matter

The classification of elements is broken down into three categories, all except for one of the following?
a) Metals
b) Metalloids
c) Styrofoam
d) Nonmetals

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