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What was the land south of Egypt?
a) Sumer
b) China
c) Rome
d) Nubia

Who did Nubia trade goods with?
a) Egypt
b) China
c) Sumer
d) Greece

Who ruled Nubia for about 1,000 years?
a) Egypt
b) China
c) Rome
d) Greece

Slaves were the lowest level of Egyptian society's _________
a) invaders
b) classes
c) rulers
d) pyramids

How were the pharaohs of Egypt buried?
a) They were mummified
b) They were placed in 3 or 4 coffins
c) They were burried in the in tombs within the pyramids

Why is Hatshepsut famous?
a) He built the largest pyramid in Egypt
b) She rebuilt many old temples
c) She was the first woman to rule Egypt alone
d) Both B and C

a) old
b) new
c) high
d) low

What do you look at when you PREVIEW a topic?
a) the headings
b) the pictures and captions
c) the vocabualry words and their meanings

What do you do when you PREDICT?
a) look at the picture
b) think about you own life
c) guess what will happen next
d) write the answers to the questions

Where was the Persian civilization located?
a) modern day Iran
b) modern day Egypt
c) modern day China
d) modern day Lebanon

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