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The force that keeps aeroplanes flying
a) Upthrust
b) friction
c) slip-streaming
d) magnetic

The force that pulls you down
a) Friction
b) Gravity
c) Upthrust
d) air resistance

The unit of Force
a) Newt
b) Ton
c) Tawn
d) Newton

Reduce friction with
a) Oil
b) Sand
c) Sandpaper
d) Lead

If the area is 12 units and the force is 6 Newtons what is the pressure?
a) 6
b) 0.5
c) 18
d) 72

A car is travelling at 40 miles an hour. How long does it take to travel 60 miles?
a) 1 hour
b) 40 hours
c) 60 hours
d) 90 minutes

When air is pumped into a tyre the presure increases because
a) There are more molecules inside the tyre
b) There are fewer molecules inside the tyre
c) The tyre shrinks
d) The air escapes

to reduce air resistance a cyclist can
a) sit up in their seat
b) Wear loose baggy clothing
c) Shave their legs
d) Crouch down

The shape with the least drag is
a) a cube
b) a sphere
c) a pyramid
d) a cylinder

The machine used to magnify a force is a
a) Cleaver
b) Lever
c) Beaver
d) Loafer

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