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Which of these is true about surface area and erosion?
a) The larger the surface area, the faster erosion will occur.
b) The smaller the surface area, the faster erosion will occur.
c) Surface area has no effect on erosion rates.
d) Surface area is length x width x height

Which of these is not a type of mechanical weathering?
a) ice wedging
b) abrasion
c) carbonation
d) ALL of these are types of mechanical weathering.

Watersheds are separated by:
a) tributaries.
b) main streams.
c) divides.
d) meanders.

a) erode the fastest on the outside of the curve.
b) erode the fastest on the inside of the curve.
c) always have a consistent level of discharge.
d) none of these.

Which of these is not a type of mass movement?
a) rockfall
b) solifluction
c) delta
d) landslide

Which of these is the largest particle that makes up stream load?
a) dissolved load
b) bed load
c) suspended load
d) all of these particles are the same size

When an entire section of a cliff breaks free and slides down, it is known as a(n):
a) slump
b) landslide
c) rockfall
d) creep

Which of these is not a method of soil conservation?
a) contour plowing
b) alluvial fanning
c) crop rotation
d) terracing

The more discharge a river has:
a) the more erosion it will do.
b) the less erosion it will do.
c) has no effect on the amount of erosion that will occur.
d) none of these are true.

When water freezes in cracks in rocks, it is known as:
a) ice wedging
b) hydrolysis
c) acid rain freezing
d) slicing

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