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Why are Rohypnol and GHB linked to exposure to STDs?
a) They are highly addictive
b) They can be used as date-rape drugs
c) They are usually taken by needle
d) They affect the body's immune system

If a teen studies for a test after using marijuana, he might not remember the material the next day because marijuana
a) Impairs short-term memory and concentration.
b) Distorts the sense of time, touch, and sound.
c) Irritates the lungs and causes coughing
d) Changes testosterone levels in males.

Drugs that are more likely to increase risk of with HIV include
a) Meth and LSD
b) Tranquilizers and DXM
c) Peyote and Psilocybin
d) Cocaine and heroin

What do stimulants, depressants, opiates, and hallucinogens have in common
a) They all are opiate drugs
b) They all are stimulants
c) They are all psychactive Drugs
d) They all are date-rape drugs

Cocaine is a drug that speeds up the central nervous system
a) Designer Drug
b) Stimulant
c) Hallucinogenic Drug
d) Opiate

a) Interfers with the immune system and may permanently damage it
b) Contains fewer cancer-causing chemicals than tobacco
c) Raises the level of testosterone in men
d) Enhances mental reflexes and short-term memory

Which of the following can cause increased risk of injury to tendons and ligaments?
a) Anabolic Steroids
b) Inhalants
c) Opiates
d) Stimulants

Heroin is a
a) Designer Drug
b) Stimulant
c) Opiate
d) Depressant

Which type of psychoactive drug is best known for altering mood, impair judgement, thoughts and sense perceptions?
a) Depressants
b) Hallucinogens
c) Opiates
d) Stimulants

Drugs that tend to slow the central nervous system.
a) Depressants
b) Hallucinogens
c) Opiates
d) Stimulants

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