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Correctly add a suffix to science.
a) scientist
b) sciencetist
c) sciencer
d) sciencor

Correctly add a suffix to create.
a) createful
b) creative
c) creatist
d) creately

Correctly add a prefix to polite.
a) unpolite
b) nonpolite
c) ilpolite
d) impolite

Correctly add a prefix to write.
a) rewrite
b) redo
c) writist
d) rewriter

Which is the correct affix for greedy?
a) greediful
b) nongreedy
c) regreedy
d) greedily

Which word means full of grace?
a) gracifull
b) gracely
c) graceful
d) gracest

Which word means not matched correctly?
a) uncorrectly
b) dismatched
c) unmatched
d) mismatched

Which word is spelled correctly after adding an affix to mad?
a) mader
b) madder
c) madier
d) maddist

What does mathematician mean?
a) a math test
b) a teacher
c) a person who studies math
d) a magician

What does lonliest mean?
a) more lonely
b) most lonely
c) full of lonely
d) not lonely

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