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When a 5 kilogram block is lifted from the ground to a height of 10 meters, the gravitational potential energy of the block
a) increases by 500 J
b) increases by 50 J
c) decreases by 2 J
d) remains unchanged

Energy is measured in the same units as
a) power
b) work
c) force
d) momentum

A force is applied to a spring causing it to stretch. If the applied force is DOUBLED, then the potential energy stored in the spring will be
a) doubled
b) halved
c) quadrupled
d) quartered

According to classical Physics, in which of the following cases is work being done?
a) A tension force pulls a wagon up a shallow incline against friction.
b) A normal force acts vertically on a box that is only free to move horizontally.
c) A spring force holds a screen door shut against the pull of the wind.
d) A gravitational force holds a llama on the surface of the Earth.

A student does 300 Joules of work pushing a box of books 3 meters due north, then does 400 Joules of work pushing the box of book 4 meters west. She does
a) 100 Joules of total work
b) 500 Joules of total work
c) 700 Joules of total work
d) 2500 Joules of total work

A crane raises a 200 Newton weight to a height of 50 meters in 5 seconds. The crane does work at the rate of
a) 20 Watts
b) 2000 Watts
c) 50000 Joules
d) 0.80 Joules

The speed of a certain car driven at 80 kph has a kinetic energy of 80,000 Joules. If the speed is reduced to 40 kph, then the kinetic energy will
a) remain the same
b) increase to 160,000 Joules
c) decrease to 40,000 Joules
d) decrease to 20,000 Joules

At what point during the fall of an object from a table will its kinetic energy equal its potential energy?
a) Only at the very start of the fall
b) Halfway to the ground
c) Only at the very end of the fall
d) At all points before it hits the ground

A 1.0 kilogram pendulum bob is moving 10 meters per second at the very bottom of its swing. If the pendulum rope is 10 meters long, then the bob will rise
a) 5.1 meters at the top of the arc
b) 9.8 meters at the top of the arc
c) 2.6 meters at the top of the arc
d) 7.5 meters at the top of the arc

The amount of work done against friction to slide a box in a straight line on a level surface depends most on
a) the speed that the box is moved
b) the time taken to move the box
c) the direction the box is moved
d) the distance the box is moved

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